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Artificial Intelligence.

We help companies maximize their investments in Artificial Intelligence through our consultancy and custom development services.

Our Portfolio

Our Expertise:

Deep Learning

Leverage the power of Neural Networks to enable systems to cluster data and make predictions with incredible accuracy.


Natural Language Processing: our technology is able to understand spoken and written human communication and is capable of creating summaries, identifying key data, and uncovering patterns.

Image and Video Processing

Understand what is happening in a video or uncover patterns in thousands of images.


We help technology leaders leverage the power of AI, by advising and implementing solutions that create an edge even in the most competitive industries.

Start benefiting from Artificial Intelligence today.

About Us

We are ProximoAI, a team of consultants and developers with headquarters in Madrid, with a passion for amplifying value and testing the limits of what is possible.

We equip you with the tools to succeed in a fast-paced and data-rich world.